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HIP Hop workshops

Literacy and Creative Expression


Confidence Building

Public Speaking

Self Esteem

Cultural Awareness

r1t1 helping youth grow

Over 5yrs

Providing schools and youth organisations quality Hip Hop workshops which focus on literacy and creative expression, with PROVEN RESULTS.  





The program is aimed at students from grade 8-12 as well as targeting to ages 7-25 years, with focus on individuals who display difficulties staying engaged within a class room environment. Workshops provide writing techniques to students who find the English curriculum difficult, whilst encouraging creative expression. Topics covered include Racism, Bullying, Connection to your community, Identifying emotional manipulation and much more.

Owner and CEO Trooth has been running workshops for youth related organisations and schools for over a decade with proven success. He has overcome many personal struggles through the power of Hip Hop and the art of poetry. Using these skills Trooth has developed resilience techniques and coupled with extensive life experience Trooth has a proven to be influential with the youth in ways most professionals struggle to achieve.

Workshops can be designed and created according to the requirments of the client and delivered in a way guarunteed to excite the expierence of education!





Reach1 Teach1 conducts 5 or 10 week programs with each workshop running between 1.5 to 2 hours. Price is negotiated with a free taster session comprising a live performance and freestyle, life testimony of facilitator and discussion of the topics and activities covered in the workshop.

Literacy improvment

Increased engagement in education focusing on literacy and creative expression through the art of poetry, rap and creative writing.

Creating conversation

About social and personal issues, tackling topics such as bullying, racism, violence, abuse and addiction. Providing skills to develop creative thinking and the ability process emotions in a healthy manner.  

Increased confidence & self-esteem

Via public speaking, team work, recordings and lessons on how to express ones self. Reduction of conflict with students and staff through education & awareness on respecting yourself, others and the community.


Boddington Youth Centre

“I would %100 Recommend Ryan and his program to any Education program, Youth Initiatives or Event. A program like this should be introduced to more schools to help connect with our youth. We cannot wait to work with Ryan again.”

East Metropolitan Health Service

“I have rarely seen a more effective high school program than Reach 1 Teach 1s programs it addresses all the issues young boys and girls face today. I highly recommend Reach 1 Teach 1 to any school or youth organisation. If you want to impact students’ lives in a positive way, Reach 1 Teach 1 does just that.”

Avon Youth Community & Family Services

“Overall I cannot recommend Ryan Samuels (TROOTH) enough. It has been my leasure to watch these young boys grow further into the awesome young men they will become.”

Corridors College

“Trooth has impacted significantly on our ‘at risk students’ suffering from post-traumatic stress. Trooth is able to channel their range of emotions through artistry, poetry, personal story, humour and demonstrated modelling of Trooth’s own expansive music production portfolio.”

City of Armadale

“From the outset, Ryan had our group of fifty-plus young people eating out the palm of his hand. He used the genre of Hip Hop music to teach life lessons ranging from resolving conflict without violence, respect, examining identity to staying away from drugs and alcohol, expressing yourself and writing poetry.”

Hampton Senior High School

“Overall I cannot recommend TROOTH enough! It has been incredible to see these boys break their own stereotypes in the short 8 week period and I am beyond excited to see them continue to grow.”

Port School

“Within the group of studentss that chose to do Trooth’s workshops were some of the toughest of the tough boys to engage, and I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say the results were staggering. Trooth managed to connect on a level that drew instant respect from the students, and because of their natural interest and passion for hip hop they were totally engaged. We had illiterate boys writing rhymes by the 4th week and students were even writing in the lunchbreak because they were so engrossed in their work. It has been a real inspiration to see.”




Perth and RURAL surrounds

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